Commercial Infrared Inspection Services

Dayton commercial infrared inspectionBC Warner inspections is one of the few Dayton Ohio area inspection companies providing infrared thermal inspection services for our commercial and industrial clients.  Infrared thermal imaging can provide greater advantages and benefits over traditional inspections of Dayton and Cincinnati commercial buildings.  From energy loss, to flat roof inspections, and complete electrical scans for insurance purposes, our Dayton thermal imaging service can reveal otherwise invisible concerns before they become costly repairs.

Anyone wanting to buy or sell commercial property, or simply comply with their insurance provider's recommendations should have an infrared thermal inspection performed of their building or related components.  Most common Dayton area infrared inspections include services such as flat roof infrared inspections, moisture intrusion detection, energy audit (heat loss) surveys, block wall infrared insulation scans, electrical switch gear and component infrared scans, and HVAC infrared diagnostic scans.  Some less common infrared services (but increasingly popular) infrared services include: hydronic heat system leak location, radiant heating layout location scans, spandrel glass infrared inspections for defects and failures of thermal seals, and many more commercial and industrial applications. 

dayton infrared block wall inspection


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