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Dayton infrared home inspection

Providing Infrared Thermal Home Inspections 


BC Warner Inspections is one of the very few home inspection companies that combines a TRADITIONAL home inspection with INFRARED Thermal technology. Providing thorough, accurate, detailed, and comprehensive home inspections for our Dayton area clients!


 Dayton roof moisture leak infrared inspection

Roof leak flowing down the central stair wall surface

Identified in a new construction Dayton home, inspected prior to closing and was not visible to the naked eye.




Our infrared camera 'sees' heat energy to detect otherwise invisible problems such as electrical flaws, structural concerns, leaks, water damage and more.



For added accuracy, we follow our infrared scan with a detailed visual inspection of the home's major systems, including electrical, structural, roofing, plumbing, heating/cooling, ventilation, exterior/interior, and insulation.



Anyone looking to buy or sell a home will want to take advantage of our advanced home inspection in order to have the most accurate information about the house itself, to save future cost in repairs or litigation, and to expedite the sale.  Realtors, insurers, banks, and anyone else involved in a home's sale will also benefit from a thermal inspection from BC Warner Home Inspections.


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