Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)

For your reference, should recalls or safety concerns be announced (previously or in the future), we recommend you visit the CPSC web site concerning equipment, products, and appliances in your home.

The CPSC web site is very easy to use and has an on-line subscription service for notification of any recalls or safety concerns. There are many subscription choices, including subscribing to recalls involving only selected products, e.g., infant/child products, sports and recreation products, outdoor products, household products, and specialty products. There are literally thousands of recalls and safety concerns that have been released since the Consumer Product Safety Commission began operating in 1973, and they all are listed. Not all recalls and safety concerns make the headlines of your local newspaper. BC Warner Home Inspections recommends that you subscribe to all CPSC press releases, including recalls. This will alert you to all recalls and safety concerns in all categories.