Infrared Home Energy Survey

Energy reviews are designed to assist the home owner with evaluating energy and heat loss. With energy and fuel costs rising, most dayton energy auditAmericans cannot afford to be wasteful.   Using infrared camera technology can assist homeowners with locating areas throughout the home where energy and heat loss is occurring.   The infrared camera can be helpful in identifying drafty windows and doors as well as missing or damaged insulation inside wall cavities. While not a full blown energy audit for our Dayton area clients, our energy survey will help you pinpoint the exact locations to focus your repair efforts rather than spending a lot of time and money repairing items that didn't necessarily need repair.


The infrared inspection report will include evaluation for areas where temperatures are consistent with missing, not uniformly distributed, marginal, or wet thermal insulation as well as an evaluation of the overall building envelope including air infiltration and heating and cooling losses from HVAC systems. The results of these evaluations will be documented in an easy to read and understand report and will be accompanied by both standard digital photos and infrared images. Certain conditions within the home must be obtained in order to provide a thorough energy survey. These conditions will be discussed with clients upon scheduling an energy survey with BC Warner home inspections.


Infrared heat loss energy survey daytonWith the results of a heat loss survey in hand, the homeowner will be able to improve their energy savings by knowing what items or areas to address within the home. This knowledge will prove invaluable in helping to reduce your energy costs in both the heating and cooling seasons.


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How an Infrared Heat Loss Survey Inspection Can Help Homeowners and Home Buyers


  • Save an estimated average of up to 25% on your energy bill ($450/year);
  • Find out which improvements to make - the infrared heat loss report will help you prioritize needed improvements for upgrade;
  • Increase the comfort of your home - no drafts, better temperature control;
  • Increase the value of your home - each dollar spent on recommended improvements will potentially increase the future sales value by more than a dollar.

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