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"Bill,  Thanks for being very thorough and knowledgeable with your report. I feel a lot more confident with the home purchase knowing you identified any problem areas."

Reese S. -- Beavercreek, Ohio


"I appreciate the thoroughness that you put into your inspections.  It's clear to me that the inspections are for the education of the buyer not just now, but as a homeowner going forward.  I don't think that the realtors have the same understanding and appreciation for your work.  They seem to think it necessary to talk me off a ledge when they see so many things listed in the report.  Frankly, I understand why they're worried whenever they see a report that doesn't just say, "It's an awesome house!  Don't think!  Buy it right away!"  But don't change what you do, or how you do it.  You provide a quality service that produces a product that is usable to well after we would buy the house."

Tom E. -- Beavercreek, Ohio


"WOW!!!  Now this is what I call a report!  Needless to say, I'm impressed.  It's going to take me some time to read this thoroughly and digest it. I noticed on your site that you do work all over the area.  I'm going to pass your name along to some friends of mine.  They invest in properties as a hobby, unlike me!  I think they would really find value in reports and work quality like this. Enough rambling.  Have a great day, and thank you again for the most impressive inspection I've ever seen."

Bill H. -- Dayton, Ohio



Mike Holmes ain't got nothin' on you!  Thank you so much for doing such an awesome job on the inspection yesterday.  Even our Realtor was impressed with the detail in the report.  I honestly enjoyed reading the entire report - I think I went to bed at 3am and finally had to stop reading!  Is that normal?  Haha. 
We are going to sit down with [our Realtor] and discuss some things that we want them to fix.  Brian and I have a few questions for you - when would be a good time to call you?
Thank so much again - and for rushing that report to us, we really appreciate it.  If we don't end up with going through with this house, you can rest assured that we'll be calling you again, I'm sure!  Also, I'm going to leave positive feedback on Angie's List as well as passing your name along to friends."

Collette & Brian S. -- Centerville, Ohio


"Hello Bill, I have received and reviewed this report.  Wow... thank you! This has been very helpful to me.  You have been great to work with.  I will contact you when the work is complete and have you stop back by to check it out."

Keesha E. -- Dayton, Ohio


"Thank you, Bill! It was a pleasure meeting you and we truly appreciate your thorough review of the house"

Kelly O. -- Beavercreek, Ohio


"Bill completed a home inspection for me before obtaining a mortgage. He was very thorough. There were many things he found and pointed out that I would have never thought to look at. He provided me with an in-depth report that same evening after he completed the inspection. He provided lots of photos to make it even easier to see why certain items were a concern. He even added a couple of thermal imaging photos which were unexpected and very neat. He explained things in person with me afterwards and took me to certain items to physically show me some concerns. I highly recommend Bill and will put my name behind his work."

Eric S. -- Troy, Ohio


"Hey Bill!!  First of all, I want to say you did an excellent job presenting me with all the problems in the house.  I discussed the results with some contractors and they had a number of concerns.  I also looked up what meets and does not meet minimum property requirements for a VA loan, and unlike what my real estate agent described there are a number of things that the seller is responsible for before the VA appraiser will sign off on it. Again,  thank you for clearly pointing out all of the problems within the house.  Being a first time home buyer, I was unaware of these issues and my stipulations for getting a VA loan.  Luckily, the requirements to get a VA loan protect me from myself!  I tallied up all the fixes that he assessed NEEDED to be done, and it was estimated to be about 30K.  That and the research of my VA loan rights made me rethink my DIY mentality!  Your thorough inspection of the property informed me of all of the issues with the house and enabled me to make an informed decision on what course of action I needed to take.  Thanks for the good work!"

Lloyd H. -- Oakwood, Ohio


"I have received the inspection report, as well as the WDI and radon report. Thank you very much for your thoroughness and helpful comments in the report. I will be sure to recommend you to others."

Judson B. -- Fairborn, Ohio


"It was pleasure to have met you and have the opportunity to work with you.  I would like to thank you for the inspection report.  This is the level of professionalism that I was expecting, and I thank you for delivering it."

Marieta, B. -- Dayton, Ohio


"Bill, Thanks for the great home inspection and advice.  I feel fortunate to have used your company.  The report is very detailed and thorough. Sincerely,"

Krista S. -- Greenville, Ohio


"I wanted to thank you for coming out and we all where very impressed with the job. I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know. Also I plan on telling our Realtor about you and see if she would start recommending you if that would be OK with you. Once again thank you"

Robert K. -- West Carrollton, Ohio

"I can't tell you how valuable your inspection report has proven, and how much I appreciate you still corresponding with me. I will refer every potential home-buyer I meet to you! If you ever need a referral, testimonial, or reference, please don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks,"
Maureen Y. -- Dayton, Ohio


"Wow, that was fast!!  This helps a lot in my decision making process on where to go from here. Thank you so much!"

Deanna M. -- Dayton, Ohio


"Hi Bill,  Thanks for the very thorough home inspection, explanations, and ideas. You've proved helpful again and again."

Ryan T. -- Greenville, Ohio


"Bill, Apologies to you for not getting back to you sooner. Because of the thoroughness of the report, we brought in two building contractors to provide quotes to remove/replace the exterior of the house, plus anything else on your inspection report they wanted to tackle.  We took those quotes, then countered to the sellers, providing them your report and our offer, which covered the major issues and another $5k for additional unknown risks.  We asked for $40,000 consideration. They countered with half.  We're still negotiating. Thank you, again, and the best to you."

Ernest P. -- Beavercreek, Ohio


"WoW!!  Bill, thank you so much for this super thorough inspection report!  You saved us so much money--we have decided to pass on the investment property.  There is a possibility that we may be moving to Ohio later on this year and it is good to know that I already have a great inspector to call! Thanks again for all your help!!"

Rae B. -- Dayton, Ohio


"Thank you for the home inspection and report. The report is very thorough. I'm having the structural supports further evaluated as you recommended."

Bill B. -- Greenville, Ohio

"WOW!  I must say I am totally impressed with how you handled the entire inspection.  AND now to see the final report ...it is even more impressive!  THANKS so much for all your hard work and HONEST detailed report about the house at...  It will really help me to make up my mind about whether or not to purchase the property (in this case to NOT purchase it).  Just too many repairs needing fixed as I suspected to begin with..... all too costly.  Thanks for confirming my fears on paper!"

Melinda N. -- Greenville, Ohio


"The report was excellent!  It gave me a lot to think about and also allowed me to feel confident and show the sellers that I know what I am talking about now.  I'm sure they are impressed with that!"

D.T. - Huber Heights, Ohio


"I had a chance to review a report you did for a fellow realtor's client. I saw all those pictures and I was very impressed! You really get in the crawl spaces and such, and check everything! I was amazed!"

Chris B., Agent-- Greenville, Ohio


"My realtor really liked the digital pictures in the report... we'll give you a call and use you again if this deal falls through!" (They did.)

William O.-- Dayton, Ohio


"I'd like to speak with you concerning the report you did on my home essentially condemning it..."

Mike -- An irate and inconsolable home seller trying to "flip" a home. He never had his own inspection or a pre-listing inspection. He was blind-sided and taken aback by our inspection and very upset that the condition of his home cost him a sale. (I didn't condemn it... simply reported my observations)


"Hi Bill,  Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you again for picking apart the home we are about to buy... when there is so much home to review, we really needed someone who knew what to look for and we found our guy!  The binder came today, and I really can't put into words how impressive this is!  There are so much extras you include, and the home care book is full of great info.  We will have lots of reading, and your report provides such a 'checklist' for the things in the home we need to maintain and repair. Bill, you will definitely be one we would recommend to anyone in the home buying market.  You did an excellent job, and I'm glad that our report was to the shorter/not many big money items nature!!!"

Emily S. - Celina, Ohio

"Dear Bill, Thank you for doing such a thorough job on the home inspection. It's awesome. I'll be wanting the other one soon."
Nancy G. -- Kettering, Ohio


"Bill, The report you completed for my client was top-notch.  I especially like the online viewing of the report as well as the photos.  My client and myself are very happy with your work."

Dustin Leis, agent -- Dayton, OH.


"Your report is getting rave reviews.  I only have one question... my sister will be purchasing a home in the future and wants to know if you will travel outside of Greenville?"

John S. -- Greenville, Ohio  (The answer is YES!)


"I have recommended BC Warner Home Inspections to Realtors. He is very thorough and has helped home buyers in determining counter offers in a purchase (seller concessions). His recommendations saved costly future repair and maintenance expense to the home buyer."

Tracey Walker, TL Walker Appraisals  -- Greenville, Ohio


"Thank you Bill for your response... Once again thank you for taking the time to check this out, I'm glad a professional such as yourself was willing to take the time to assist. It helped manage my stress level!"

Sheri S. -- Sidney, Ohio (Concerning a water intrusion problem at her Mothers home.)


"You completed an inspection for some friends of ours. We saw the report and they said they were very happy with your service.  We would like to hire you to complete an inspection for our new home."

Jill B. -- Centerville, Ohio


"I am impressed by your report and the pictures."

Richard W. -- Washington, D.C. (on an inspection for his daughter in Verona, Ohio)


"While I cannot guide my clients towards BC Warner Home Inspections specifically, a great percentage of my clients have chosen Bill of their own accord.  Bill does a great job and while I'm a little nervous to receive his reports, I know that my clients are getting their money's worth.  The last inspection Bill did for a client of mine, he found an item that a pest inspector had missed, and this helped my client move on to another home, without the problems of wood-boring pest treatment."

Chris B., agent -- Greenville, OH. 


"Your report left me speechless! I mean 46 + pages printed out! I printed the summary pages (6 pages in itself!) so I could read it on the way to work. The pictures and everything were great. You saw and alerted us to things I never dreamed of looking for. My mortgage officer wishes he had an inspector like you in his area. Once I relocate, I will be telling everyone about you. Thank you so much! This was money well spent!"

Sasha D. -- Delphos, Ohio


"Your report is excellent. It's very helpful. Thank you for the great service. I never even thought about having problems at the end of the driveway. A few questions I have about some of the defects you discovered..."

Alan B. -- Eaton, Ohio


"Your report is impeccable! It's so easy to read and understand with the icons. We are backing out of this deal and would like you to inspect another home for us. When are you available?"

Laura F. -- Greenville, Ohio


"Bill, I just wanted to tell you how nice it is to work with you. You are so thorough, helpful and informative and most of all honest. Your reports are wonderful with the pictures and write ups. Thank you so much for everything!!! Sincerely,"

Anita P. -- Agent, Greenville, Ohio


"Just wanted to drop a note to thank you again for your professionalism and thoroughness."

Erin R. - Xenia, Ohio


"Thank you very much for your time on this & your explanation of what you were doing & looking at / for.  Will definitely recommend your services to any of our friends that would be looking for a home."

Ryan S. - Greenville, Ohio


"Hi Bill!   Thanks for your great report and fine job.  It was really a pretty fun inspection day - beautiful weather and all.
In the post-report aftermath, we are having some drama and I wondered if you'd be willing to weigh in...  Thanks a ton!"

Lina G. - Dayton, Ohio


"Bill,  Thank you for stopping out on such short notice to look over our brick / foundation issue.  Your inspection and report are very helpful and very much appreciated.  You would not accept payment so I emailed you a gift certificate.  Please let me know that you receive it.  I have shown your report to the gentlemen that I have coming out to fix the brick.  He may contact you as he would like to have you inspect his work and produce a report to verify that it is sound.  Is this ok?  If so please let me know what I owe you.  Thank you again for your time and generosity.  You provide a very professional product and your reports and findings are thorough, honest, and appreciated.  Thank you again for your time, it has been a pleasure working with you."

Ben N. - Arcanum, Ohio


"Bill, Thank you very much for your time and your very thorough inspection. You will receive a good recommendation from me in the future.  Thank you,"

Kellen B. - New Paris, Ohio


"Bill,  Thank you for helping us figure out how best to upgrade our house. Excellent report!"

Marty W. - Wilmington, Ohio


"Thank you very much for doing the inspection.  We really appreciate your time."

David R. - USA Savings Bank


"Bill,  Thank you again so very much for your excellent work this weekend. I felt very comforted and educated throughout the process, and I especially appreciated you putting up with all my questions. Your report was also very comprehensive and easy to interpret. Overall, I am very pleased with your services."

Ryan T. - Greenville, Ohio


"It was pleasure to have met you and have the opportunity to work with you.  I would like to thank you for the inspection report.  This is the level of professionalism that I was expecting, and I thank you for delivering it."

Marietta B. -- Dayton, Ohio


"Bill,  I really appreciate the thoroughness of your work."

Paul M. -- West Chester, Ohio


"The home inspection was very thorough and detailed.  We've used this company twice now, and been very pleased both times.  We will definitely use again."

Michael G. -- Dayton, Ohio


"Bill did a fantastic job, he was the most thorough home inspector I've ever used.  This is my fifth home purchase.  He caught a major problem with the house's newly installed roof.  It ended up being a $12,000 job and we negotiated that amount off of our purchase.  The roof inspector we hired found exactly the same problems that Bill noted on his report.  The thermal imaging camera is incredible.  I will probably have Bill come back and take more shots after I seal the house up, to see where we need help.  I would recommend BC Warner to anyone who really wants a complete home inspection.  I would use him again."

Jay J. -- Centerville, Ohio


"Thank you for a job well done I will definitely recommend you to others it really helped with our closing thank you so much for your time and patience with me"

Leslie P. -- Beavercreek, Ohio


"We just wanted to say thank you again for all of your help!  And for a very fast turnaround time for the report.  You rocked it as always!  ​We are currently planning to fix all of the urgent repairs and hope to be up and running safely again asap!  Thanks for your help - we appreciate it!  I'm sure we'll be back if we ever need another inspection and we will continue to send referrals your way."

Collette & Brian S. -- Centerville, Ohio


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