Dayton Property Condition Assessments for Lenders

Lenders face many problems when considering loans based on Dayton Ohio commercial real estate. Obvious in the mix is the credit worthiness of the borrower(s) and the property’s loan-to-value ratio.


Other factors can also impact a lenders consideration for a loan. One such issue is the borrower’s routine building maintenance practices. An improperly maintained building presents a liability for several reasons, but most noticeably is that a property with significant material deficiencies deteriorate in value which is a major concern seeing as the property serves as collateral. Secondly, if borrowers are lax on routine maintenance practices it could indicate a money flow problem which could be red flag on their ability to repay the loan.


Property Condition Assessments are the strongest tool lenders can use in gauging on how borrowers maintain their assets. If the PCA reflects an inordinate amount of deferred maintenance, lenders can easily assume that those habits will not change.


Where Can Mortgage Property Lenders Order a Property Condition Assessment As a NACBI member specializing in property condition assessments for lenders, BC Warner Inspections can serve our client's needs. NACBI professional members have prepared PCA’s on all property types throughout North America. We are ready to answer your questions and guide you through the entire process. For more information on PCA’s for for lenders using a commercial property as collateral, give us a call at 937-423-2949 or send us an email to